Wort Aerator – Air Pump Kit – 220-240V

Wort Aerator – Air Pump Kit – 220-240V


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Want to aerate your wort or yeast starter? but don't want to go down the pure oxygen bottle path or stir plate? then this inexpensive method is perfect for you.

Our air filter ensures that you're not going to be pumping bacteria directly into your wort or yeast starter. 

To clean your sintered stainless stone, we recommend to boil it in boiling water and keep it in a ziplock bag until your next use. It can clog easily with the oil in your fingers, so gloves are advised when handling the stone and air filter.

Our kit contains:

– CE Air Pump 220-240v with 60mm length cord

– 15 Micron Sintered Stainless Stone with barb

– 0.2 micron autoclavable Air Filter

– Approximately 1.5m of EVABarrier Hosing (4mm ID x 8mm OD) hose.