Keg First Aid Kit

Keg First Aid Kit


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Nothing worse that having all your beer ready to go but you are just missing that one o-ring seal.

This keg First Aid Kit contains almost everything you need to refurbish your Cornelius/19L Home Brew Keg (poppets, lid o-rings and PRV's are compatible with some Pin Lock Kegs)

The kit also includes the nylon regulator washers. We also include some 5/8 washers which are useful for keg couplers, the back of tap shanks any many other 5/8 threaded connections which are common in the Keg Dispensing Industry.

Kit contents:

2 x Silicone Keg Lid O-ring

2 x Cornelius Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

4 x Keg Lid Feet

20 x Post O-Rings

10 x Dip ube O-Rings

6 x Poppets

2 x Nylon Regulator Washers

4 x 5/8 Washers for tap shanks and Keg Couplers

1 x Cornelius Type Gas Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)

1 x Cornelius Type Liquid Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)

All of this comes packed in a neat plastic container to keep the stuff organised.